Archviz Backdrop - Addon for Blender 2.92+

Antonio Palladino

Archviz Backdrop is a time-saver addon for Blender 2.92+ that will help you create 2D background in a one click.


  • 16 preset Backdrops (8K resolution)
  • Lights interaction
  • Turn On/Off cast shadow
  • Radius, height, rotation and U-tiling controls
  • Custom Backdrops: select your image and create your custom Backdrop (.png and .jpg)
  • Compatible with Cycles and Eevee
  • Futures updates included
  • For Blender 2.92, 2.93, 3.0, 3.1

Need Help?

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News and updates :

23/04/22 | v 1.2 :

Glare addon compatibility issue fixed

10/04/22 | v 1.1 :

More stable version
bug fix

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Archviz Backdrops v1.2

Preset Backdrops (8K resolution)
Custom Backdrop
.jpg, .png
Compatible with
Cycles, Eevee
Blender Version
Addon Version
Futures Updates
Antonio Palladino

Archviz Backdrop - Addon for Blender 2.92+

I want this!